Instructions & Guidelines

One poster board is allocated to each presentation. The recommended poster size is Landscape format, Arch E which is 36 inches high by 48 inches wide ( 92 cm x 122 cm ). The European alternative ISO A0 (84 cm x 119 cm) can also be used.

Posters must be mounted using push pins provided by the organizing committee.

Each poster presenter is required to defend his/her poster during the respective poster session slot for the paper to be included in the conference proceedings.

Simply posting the pages of your written version of the proceedings paper is NOT effective and thus will NOT be accepted for your poster.

The title of your poster should be done in block letters which are AT LEAST 8 to 10 cm (3 to 4 inches) high.

All text must be easily readable from a distance of 1 to 2 meters. Make the lettering at least 1 cm high, smaller lettering will not be legible from a distance of 1 to 2 meters.

All graphs and charts should be AT LEAST 25 X 30 cm (approximately 8.5 x 11 inches) or larger.

It is a good idea to sequentially number your materials in the poster. This will offer viewers a clear and logical progression of your poster.

Provide an introduction (outline) and a summary or conclusion for your poster.

It is helpful to have copies of the written version of your paper available for those viewers who may want to study specifics of your work in more detail.

Have your business cards available for those who may wish to contact you at a later date.

Bring along a stack of blank papers that you may use to elaborate the technical details relating to your poster.

Posters should include the name(s) and affiliations of the author(s) to facilitate identification at the conference.

The text appearing on the poster is to be written in English, Suggested sections include: Title: In English as it appears in the submitted abstract Authors (main author’s photograph for identification is suggested) Aim (brief) Materials and Methods (brief) Results (Captions and headings for photographs, tables, figures etc) Conclusion/Discussion (brief) References (limited to a maximum of 3) If you have any questions relating to your presentation please feel free to contact

Presentation Details

Your presentation date will be included in your final poster presentation details letter. Presenters are requested to stand by their posters during the morning, lunch and afternoon tea breaks to answer any questions regarding your work.

Your poster board number will also be included in your letter. Please note that the number allocated to your poster presentation will be on the corresponding poster board.

Posters should be put up before ........... on the morning of your presentation and removed at the end of afternoon tea on the same day. Any poster not collected during this time will be disposed of.

Posters will be displayed within the ……….< Conference Hall >........ Please report to the conference registration desk for instructions upon your arrival.

We recommend using Velcro to mount material on the panel as poster boards will be Velcro compatible. It is essential that you bring your own Velcro or push pins

You may wish to consider having a synopsis of your research e.g. A4 or US letter sized copies of the poster, available at your poster, or a business card if people wish to contact you after the conference. These are to be placed in pockets attached to the poster (presenter’s responsibility to supply).

E-Poster Guidelines

The E-poster is a poster presented as a PDF presentation.

An Electronic poster combined with up to 6 slides can be presented at the conference, allowing a duration of 1-minute per slide.

The E-poster presentations will be presented on a computer screen during the conference and not on a regular poster board

The uploaded E-poster should contain the same title, order of authors and affiliation details as the submitted abstract

All E-poster Presentations should follow the 16:9 ratio (Vertical page layout)!

To prepare your presentation please use PowerPoint 2013/2010 or earlier, and then save it as a PDF file.

All participants presenting in E-posters are required to pre-load their presentations at least 3 hours prior to their Individual speaking time, since BioLeagues believes in using one’s time effectively or productively.