Objective of Disaster Management Conference

This conference aims at bringing together the disaster management teams from each nation state along with the government bodies to discuss the possible strategies and techniques that are better than before , with the help of advanced technology or AI . The geographical and environmental updates that the AI provides aids the same .

The objectives also cover the development of pre - disaster management skills and techniques.

The conference aims at spreading awareness on basic requisites that every household must learn to cope up with disasters .

The multi- diastral effects could be traumatic for the nation , thus , environmental changes must also be given equal importance as they rank one of the top reasons for the cause of disaster .

The aim also includes a discussion on government policies made in relation to disaster management and the improvement of the same .

In addition to mentioned objectives , stakeholders and builders must also be monitored to not lease sites prone to destruction such as river beds , ocean shores etc .

Adoption of advanced technology to manage disaster is important as it can alert and fasten the process of management in affected areas .

About the Conference

The world conference on disaster management is organised by BioLeagues worldwide , a professional organisation with its expertise in diverse fields of science . This conference is arranged on the 17th and 18th of June , in Bali , Indonesia , in the upcoming year (2020). At this conference , the guest speakers would shed light on the major challenges one faces at the time of managing disasters and its traumatic effect . A careful , constructive , effective and sustainable strategy has to be developed to protect the nations from disasters and the effect it leaves . If the severity is high and no proper management is made the country has its people , resources and economy at stake. Compliance of related government policies , the geographical setup of the country and its occupants and also the increasing change in climatic conditions are some of the pressing issues that could be discussed.

The participants can benefit from the conference by proposing their ideas in the form of presentations . They also get to meet esteemed personnels and discuss with them about the upcoming research and projects . Short workshops and symposiums are organised to discuss in detail the pressing issues and its solution . Since climatic change is standing out to be a major cause for disasters , renowned environmentalists can share with the participants the best possible solutions and strategies to protect the world . Any activity related to nature must involve the local communities , who provide conventional knowledge that could help practise sustainable living .